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About Arts Alive! Québec

Six Quebec regions, home to active English-speaking arts communities, have banded together to create an exciting festival which will span summer 2017.

Between June and September 2017, Knowlton, Quebec City, Hudson, Huntingdon, Wakefield and Montreal's West Island will host weekend-long celebrations of Quebec arts and culture!

Some weekends will focus around a main venue and its environs. Others will transform the entire town into a huge festival. The programming will be highly individual, reflecting local tastes. You'll experience something entirely different at each region's event – from local artists and visiting headliners to puppet shows, literary activities, contemporary dance, theatre performances, visual arts, chamber music or film!

Each weekend will feature at least one stimulating day out for the whole family. All ages will have the chance to be entertained and, better still, participate in an array of creative activities led by musicians, theatre professionals, dancers, filmmakers, visual artists and craftspeople. It will be hands-on and lots of fun.

Communities celebrating the arts? Or artists celebrating communities? Join us and find out!

Arts Alive! Quebec is funded by the Government of Canada.


ELAN Arts Alive! Québec is the brainchild of ELAN Quebec, the English-Language Arts Network.

ELAN (English-Language Arts Network) is a not-for-profit organization that connects, supports, and creates opportunities for Quebec's English-speaking artists and arts communities. ELAN members are individuals and organizations from a wide array of artistic disciplines, cultural and geographic backgrounds, and linguistic and cultural communities. Together this network reflects an evolving Québec identity and celebrates the province's cultural, artistic and social diversity.

Discover more about ELAN on its website.